Our 4,000 square foot facility incudes a fully networked training lab. This lab is used to host our various Certification Programs and can easily accommodate groups of up to 10 individuals.

CRMS Software training room

In house training is highly recommended for your best quality training experience. These comprehensive courses are offered at regular intervals over the course of the year and include the following:

CRMS V.2 Certification Level 1

Basic "CRMS Administrator L1" (2 day course)

Course Outline DAY 1 

  • CRMS Administration Module
  1. Category Table
  2. Administrtation Tabs
  3. Agency Information
  4. Audit LogUser Groups
  5. User Administration
  6. Interface Sorting
  7. Client Lockbox
  8. Program Management
  9. Workflow Administration 
  10. Postal Code Counties
  • CRMS SearchEngine- Search Dashboard
  • Client Chart Pages
  • Client Section Quiz
  • Review and Hands-on Practice
  • Question and Answer Period

Course Outline Day 2

  • Forms and Notes Section
  • Reportable Forms vs. Note/Letter Templates
  • Section Quiz
  • Client Contacts, Groups, Info & Referral, Non-Client Services
  • Section Quiz
  • Reports, MIS/CDS Maintenance Plan
  • CRMS Cheat Sheet Plan
  • Non-CDS/MIS Report Cheat Sheet (Client Tab, Contacts Tab, Misc. Tab, Info & Referral Tab, Management Reports Tab)
  • Section Quiz
  • Review; Hands-on Practice
  • Question and Answer Period
  • Level 1 Final Exam
CRMS V.2 Certification Level 2

Intermediate "CRMS Administrator L2" (1 day course)

Course Outline

  • CRMS Document Design
  • Creating Reportable Forms
  • Controls
  • Designing Reportable Forms
  • Formatting
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Shortcut Keys, Copy/Pase, FAQ
  • CRMS Data Exporter
  • Install Data Exporter Utility
  • Creating Custom Reports
  • Modifying Custom Reports
  • Level 2 Final Exam
CRMS V.2 Certification Level 3

Advanced "CRMS IT SPECIALIST L3" (1 day course)

Course Outline

Level 3 Certification

This course is very specific, and is tailored as a custom training program for each agency.  It is recommended for Data Analysts or IT Technicians who have a good knowledge of databases, although not mandatory.  It consists of showing how to make and ODBC connection to the CRMS database using your preferred method (MS Excel, MS Access, Crystal Reports or SQL).  The training covers details on the database structure and where/how data is linked/saved into CRMS.  Then, how to utilise your preferred method to run some basic queries.  Prior knowledge of your preferred method is assumed (Exel, Access or Crystal Reports) and is not part of the training. From the selected connection method you will be shown how to create your own reports, run your own queries and analyse your own data without the need to contact CRMS Support.  This can save your organization substantially on Report Design and Cusomization fees.

Note:  Level 1 and Level 2 Certification are prerequisites to this course.  

Contact sales@crms-software.com for more information

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